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Članek: Nagrade za najboljši video Generation '92 podeljene

Do 7. maja 2012 ste lahko glasovali za enega izmed 20 videov, ki so se potegovali za nagrade EEA. Prvo nagrado je prejel domiseln filmček 'Za vsako težavo se najde rešitev (Every problem has a solution)', avtorja Sorin Veştemean iz Romunije.
Objavljen: 24 04 2012
Avtor: Albert Kolar
Jezik: English
Pokritost ozemlja: Not applicable
Ključne besede: video
Vir: EEA
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After lengthy deliberations, the winners of the Generation ’92 video competition have been decided. The video competition from the European Environment Agency (EEA) asked young people across Europe to submit a short video showing their idea of a sustainable future. Judges were impressed with the huge diversity and originality of the entries from 16 different European countries. In their deliberations, the judges took into account both the messages and the artistic value of the submissions. They did not evaluate the scientific accuracy of the messages, but focused on how the videos conveyed the youth's message with the most original ideas and creative communication styles. First prize goes to the innovative 'Every problem has a solution', by Sorin Veştemean from Romania:

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